Editing Your Photos, Slides, Audio Recordings, and VHS Tapes to Digital Format

You will want to edit your digital files, at times to repair or fix a photo to improve appearance or break large audio or movie files into smaller more manageable file sizes. It's not difficult to learn to edit those digital files that your have created. Pixlr.com, Audacity, Microsoft Movie Maker, iMovie are free programs that can be used to edit your digital files.
iMovie comes FREE with all Mac computers. It is a pretty robust video editor that allows you to mix photos, videos, and sound files, as well as special effects, to create great video presentations.
Audacity is a FREE "open source" editor that can be used to record and then edit your digital audio files.
Pixlr.com is a FREE online photo editor with some basic tools like those found in Photoshop. You edit your photos by using any browser.
There are other programs that can be downloaded, like Paint.net or Gimp that can also be used, but I have found their "tools" to be limited.
If you are going to be editing a lot of photographs, then purchasing Photoshop Elements would be a good idea if you are a Windows User. If you are a Mac user, Affinity, Pixelmator, Luminar are several great apps.
Adobe offers you Adobe Elements (~$50 on sale) or the FULL version ($9.99/month) for both Mac and Windows computers.
Windows Movie Maker has been around for a long time. Windows XP had this program built in. With Windows Vista & beyond, the program was downloadable as part of a "Live" package of programs, called Windows Live Movie Maker.
This package can still be downloaded, although it will no longer be supported after January 2017. It does some nice basic editing of movie clips.
If you have a LOT of video clips, I would recommend the Adobe Premier Elements, which allows you to do a lot of things with your video segments. The cost though is generally around $50 on sale.
If you are a Mac user, smile because iMovie is FREE!