Editing Digital Audio Files

  • It's really a treasure to have an old audio recording of an ancestor and to actually HEAR them tell their stories or sing a song.
  • Audio recordings typically take about 1 mb for every minute of recording.
  • FamilySearch will upload files with a maximum size of 15 mb, or about 15" of recording time. This will limit uploading a whole tape for example. However, editing the tape into many separate stories of smaller size is easily done.
  • You will need to download Audacity using the link below. (This link takes you directly to the Open Source site that maintains the software. This prevents other sites from downloading "additional" other stuff you don't want).
  • Install the application once downloaded.
  • You may have previously downloaded the program to RECORD your cassette tape to your computer. This application both records and edits digital files.
  • If you are an Apple user with a Mac, download the Mac version.