Editing Digital Movie Files

  • Learn how to do some basic digital movie editing using Windows Movie Maker software. Wouldn't it be great to take a 2 hour VHS family movie and create small 5-10" clips that can be easily organized and shared? A 2 hour VHS movie that has been converted to digital format will typically take almost 1 gb of storage as a single file. It's a simple process to do.
  • The FREE Windows Live Essentials installer package that had both photo and editing options is no longer available from Microsoft Download site since 20 January 2017. It reached the "end of support" cycle. It IS still available from other download sites, but I would recommend avoiding those downloads (CNet.com, Downloads.com, etc) as they very often contain other packaged malware that will cause you grief in the end.
  • The only real alternative that I have found is the Adobe Premier Elements though if purchased, look for it on sale, as it can be an expensive option.
  • If you are an Apple user with a Mac, the software to edit movies is free and actually quite extensive in its abilities to edit movies.