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Family History is NOT the Same as Your Grandmother's Genealogy Was! Enter Now Into The Technology Age!

Learn More About the Four Basic Areas of Doing Your Family History

Many have been given a rich heritage of photographs, movies, old audio recordings, histories, and so forth. Unless protected and preserved, these items gradually disappear from existence. There is nothing more gratifying than to see what our great grandparent looked like or to read stories about the challenges and successes of their lives. As their descendants we must invest our time and energies into preserving these precious records.

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With the advent of powerful computers, an ever increasing number of online databases, and indexed records, doing research has become so much easier over time. The Church has created partnership agreements with several other large ancestral database companies to help us with our research efforts. Learning basic searching skills will help you discover many of the records of your ancestors and their descendants.

Records such as Federal and State Census records, military draft registration, City Directories, birth, marriage, death certificates, probates & wills are quickly coming on line in larger numbers. What may not be available, may be available tomorrow.

Indexing records helps a huge number of people that are searching for their relatives by taking digital images and turning them into searchable data. Though FamilySearch has 0ver 1.3 billion records indexed, this is only a very small percentage of all the non-indexed microfilmed records that are being stored by the Church. There are still 18+ million records just awaiting arbitration, which is the final process of indexing.

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Temple Work is the final blessing that comes from finding and learning about your ancestors. They are anxiously waiting for us to do their temple work. They have waited a very long time for these ordinances. Don't disappoint them. Keep your heart pure, your Spirit strong, and listen for those promptings that we are promised will come to us on behalf of our ancestors