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We have a variety of scanners for digitizing photographs, slides, and negatives here at our library. In addition, we can help you digitize VHS tapes, cassette recordings and old reel to reel tapes.

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One of the most satisfying aspects of Family History work is finding new family members through research efforts. Researching has become significantly easier with the help of multiple search services, "Record Hints", and such. So many different types of records are on-line now, such as Census Records, Military Draft Records, City Directories, Probates & Wills, birth, marriage, and death certificates, obituaries, and more.
This site will help you with information about the variety of resources available to you. Feel free to explore them. New information is added often, so please check back periodically.

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Family Fun Games

We have quite a few fun family games that will introduce and teach your family about their ancestors. Try some of them out!

Family History Video Collection

Explore our family history video collection. We will continue to add to this over time.

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Library Resources

Did you know that our library is NOT just a place for genealogical research? In addition to classes on a variety of family history topics, we also have equipment to help with preserving photographs, audio tapes, & VHS movies.

Discover Family History Work

Family History is NOT the Same as Your Grandmother's Genealogy Was! The Technology Age Has Arrived!

Learn More About the Four Basic Areas of Doing Your Family History

We often see headstones of our ancestors noting their birth & death dates such as 1856 - 1923. It is that "dash" between those dates that really tells their life story. We create their story through preserving photos, documents, audio recordings, and other media for others to also discover.

Elder Bradley Foster has a 3" discussion about this: Click Here to View The Video Clip

Do you like to research?

  • If yes … Share your Temple-Ready names with your family members
  • If no … Try Indexing, OR work on "Preserving Your Heritage" activities.

Do you have lots of old photos & movies that need to be preserved?

  • If yes … Get them digitally preserved and then share them with family and Family Tree Memories. These may include scanning those old photos you have inherited, or preserving that cassette recording of your grandmother singing a Primary song in her Danish accent. Preserve your own heritage of VHS tapes, histories and such so that they are available to your posterity. Record your memories of your parents, or grandparents and share them with your grandchildren. There is SO much to do!
  • If no … Well, I can't imagine anyone not having these things around. There's always your personal photos, home movies, our family stories, and such to preserve for your children and grandchildren. We create a legacy for our posterity. Don't let it disappear. Organize your family members to each do their part in preserving your heritage.

Are you taking your family names to the Temple?

  • If yes … Wonderful! This is the ultimate blessing of participating in Family History! You will feel a greater closeness to them as you do so.
  • If no … Consider doing so. It is there that we will feel a greater love for all that our Heavenly Father blesses us with, along with the inspiration we need to carry on in our daily lives. I can imagine that those who we have done temple work for will be eternally grateful that we brought to them those saving ordinances.

Are you actively Indexing?

  • If yes … Wonderful! You are held in high esteem, as you are helping bring these now searchable records on line for others to see!
  • If no … Consider doing so. We currently are archiving MORE digital records each day, than are being indexed. We need YOUR help!! Commit to doing one batch per week and you will find great blessings will come to you. Oh…and don't forget that you are also promised special spiritual blessings for doing this work as well. You ARE making it possible for someone else to find their ancestor. I can only imagine them crying with joy as their name now becomes available to be searched by their posterity. I know that they will bless you for helping others find them.

The most important message about participating in Family History Work is that we are actively involved in doing at least some aspect of it. It has been commanded of us to do this work. Find an area that you are comfortable with and start now!

Many have been given a rich heritage of photographs, movies, old audio recordings, histories, and so forth. Unless protected and preserved, these items gradually disappear from existence. There is nothing more gratifying than to see what our great grandparent looked like or to read stories about the challenges and successes of their lives. As their descendants we must invest our time and energies into preserving these precious records.

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With the advent of powerful computers, an ever increasing number of online databases, and indexed records, doing research has become so much easier over time. The Church has created partnership agreements with several other large ancestral database companies to help us with our research efforts. Learning basic searching skills will help you discover many of the records of your ancestors and their descendants.

Records such as Federal and State Census records, military draft registration, City Directories, birth, marriage, death certificates, probates & wills are quickly coming on line in larger numbers. What may not be available, may be available tomorrow.

Indexing records helps a huge number of people that are searching for their relatives by taking digital images and turning them into searchable data. Though FamilySearch has 0ver 1.3 billion records indexed, this is only a very small percentage of all the non-indexed microfilmed records that are being stored by the Church. There are still 18+ million records just awaiting arbitration, which is the final process of indexing.

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Temple Work is the final blessing that comes from finding and learning about your ancestors. They are anxiously waiting for us to do their temple work. They have waited a very long time for these ordinances. Don't disappoint them. Keep your heart pure, your Spirit strong, and listen for those promptings that we are promised will come to us on behalf of our ancestors