Helpful Websites

Salt Lake City FamilySearch Library

This library has a variety of resources that can be explored.

Riverton FamilySearch Library

Riverton Library has quite a few handouts of various topics that are updated regularly. Explore their handouts using this link below.

Handouts Page
The Family History Guide

The Family History Guide is a free website that provides learning experiences in many different areas of family history, such as learning about Family Tree, or helping with research ideas, or having fun family history focused family activities. Explore the site.

Learn About The "Gatherers in the Kingdom" Program

There are 3 different levels of training PowerPoint slides. One for members, one for Temple and Family History Consultants, and another for Leadership. This program outlines for each of us, the real purposes that we are here on earth for, gathering all of God's children on this side and the other side of the veil. The points made are so important for us to integrate into our own lives.

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Rexburg Family History Center

The family history center in Rexburg is another local source of support, classes, and help with your family history needs. Check out their site.

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