Adding Facts Using Record Hints & the "SourceLinker"

There are 3 goals to this module. Finding facts, such as birth, marriage, death information, or the names of family members (by census records), and so on has become so much easier over time. As indexers put more records online, computers are searching in the background for that information and associating it with your ancestors. There are called "record hints". Many different companies have similar to hints to help you in your research. These hints when found to be correct for your ancestor are then attached to the ancestor's record. Family Tree uses a linking app call the "SourceLinker" to help you to attach these records.

Goal #1 - Understand What Record Hints Are
This goal focuses on:
  • What are Record Hints
Goal #2 - Where to Find Record Hints
This goal will focus on:
  • Where to find Record Hints in Family Tree

Goal #3 - Learn How to Attach Record Hints
This goal will focus on:
  • Learning how to attach records using the SourceLinker