Family Tree is a collaborative tree, meaning that anyone can add, edit, or delete information from the tree. Learn more about using Family Tree by using the following guided tutorial.

Orientation to Family Tree Interface & Menus

There are 5 goals to this module. This lesson plan has a lot of material attached to it and is presented as a guide to use as future questions may arise. The goal is to take you through the most common parts of Family Tree. There are many more functions built into Family Tree but we'll focus on the basics in this lesson.

Goal #1 - Understanding the Family Tree Interface
This goal will focus on how to:
  • Navigate the Main Menu options for Family Tree
  • Use the "Show" and "Print" Menu Settings
  • Use the "Help Others" feature to get help from another person
  • Change the different PEDIGREE views to look at your tree in different ways
  • Use the PERSON view to access information on selected individuals.
  • Use the RECENTS menu option to quickly navigate to your 50 most recently viewed persons
  • FIND or search for individuals that are in your Family Tree
  • Use the LIST (or Watch List) menu to keep track of changes made on your family members by you and others
Goal #2 - Reviewing an Individual's Person Information
This goal will focus on how to:
  • View the "Summary Cards" with person information on them
  • Navigate the "Person Details" page
The Person Details Page contains information for the family members, birth/death, marriage events, all of your Sources, Notes, Discussions. You can also view all attached "Memories", and the status of their Temple work

Goal #3 - Reviewing Your Account Settings
This goal will focus on how to:
  • Access and change your "Account Settings"
  • Review your preferences for notifications
  • Change your "Contact" settings
  • Review the 3rd party sites (Ancestry, etc) that are connected to your FamilySearch account
On this page you can change your username, password, email address, and other information as well.
There will be information as to how to sign up for the FREE accounts such as Ancestry, FindMyPast, MyHeritage, available to LDS Church members.
Goal #4 - Know Where to Find On-line FamilySearch Helps
There may be times that you have questions or problems about different areas of FamilySearch.
Use the "Help" section to telephone or send off emails for support or to search through their extensive "Knowledge Base" of information.
This goal will focus on how to:
  • Contact FamilySearch for help when you need it
  • Utilize the "Learning Center" for valuable webinars, videos, and such

Goal #5 - Understanding Your Source Box
This goal will focus on how to:
  • Use the SourceBox to store the sources that you have researched.
  • Organize your SourceBox into folders
  • Attach these sources to other people as well
  • Know how to use the FamilySearch Wiki
Though not used as much since the advent of the "SourceLinker" that helps you to attach Record Hints to your individuals, it still has some benefit of use at this point.