Family Activities That We Can Offer at Our Library

********* This page is still under development *********
But hey … You can get an idea about what we are working on :)

Convert Your VHS Tapes to a Digital Format

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Bring one of your family VHS tapes and watch it as a family while we digitize the tape.

Bring a VHS tape from your family collection to the library. As a family, sit back, relax, and watch the tape while it gets converted to a DVD.

It's SO important to get those VHS family movies digitized before either the tape disintegrates or the VCR machines are no longer available.

Later, we can help you "rip" or pull the movie from the DVD, converting it to an actual movie file that can be easily preserved for better long term storage.

Come Interact With Our 55" Interactive Touch Screen TVs

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Come Interact With Our 55" Touchscreen TVs

Come explore our two 55" interactive touchscreen TVs! The TVs will utilize the stories, photos, and facts from your FamilySearch account and display those items in a very visual way. There are three modules: 1) About Me, 2) ???, 3) ???

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Bring Family Members To the Library and Interview Them

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Bring a Grandparent to Interview Them Here at the Library

Bring a parent or grandparent and interview them in our interview room. Ask lots of fun questions about their life events. We will record the video onto a DVD. We can then help you edit the audio portion into smaller audio story segments that can be uploaded to FamilySearch.

Become a Family History Detective - Find Clues Around the LIbrary

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Become family detectives — look for mystery clues at the library

Become family history detectives using clues from documents, online database searches, and other items to create a "story" about a person from years ago. This is a fun activity to help you better understand the available resources and how to glean information from them.

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Bring in Your 8 - 12 year olds to Get Registered For a FamilySearch Account

Scan Some Photos & Then Learn to Attach a Story To It

Learn How to Attach Record Hints to Your Ancestors as a Family

Have Fun With the Activities on Our Activity Portal.

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