Share Your Digital Files With Others

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Family Tree MEMORIES is an amazing place to visit! There is one section called "Gallery" that is a collection place for all the different media types that you uploaded or contributed, and another section that will show your ancestors that have media files attached to them that have contributed by everyone.

How many boxes in your attic or basement are sitting there not seen, or worse degrading over time? You probably have photos of shared ancestors that others, such as your collateral line cousins, do not have.

Remember the "old days" when people kept their photos, documents, and stories in their 8.5"X14" fancy thick "genealogy binders". They sat on shelves, hardly ever viewed, especially by anyone outside of the family. Their PAF files stayed on their computers as they created their pedigree and their family group sheets. The days of "THEIR" are over. With cloud drives, Family Tree Gallery, and other means, we now have the ability to collaborate with cousins we may have never met before. We have the ability to easily share our photos, documents, and stories with others and share our heritage with our cousins.

I challenge you to begin this sharing process! There is a whole new world out there! You will find it a great blessing to share so many different things with others.