Working With Audio Recordings

"Digitizing" is the process of converting your audio tapes into a digital format where they can be stored and listened to on computers, as well as easily shared with others.

Getting your audio recordings into a digital format is not hard, though it may take some time to do so. Our library can help you get started.

Our Library has the digitization equipment to do this.
1) Bring in your cassette tapes.
2) Play them on our cassette player that is connected to our PC
3) Save the recorded file as an MP3 file.
4) EASY!

Audio recordings typically take about 1 mb for every minute of recording.

FamilySearch will upload files with a maximum size of 15 mb, or about 15" of recording time. This will limit uploading a whole tape for example. However, editing the tape into many separate stories of smaller size is easily done.

You will need to download Audacity using the link below. (This link takes you directly to the Open Source site that maintains the software. This prevents other sites from downloading "additional" other stuff you don't want).

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