As a FAMILY, have you visited one of the "Discovery Centers" down in Utah? They are an amazing place to visit and open up a whole world of discovery about your deceased families. If you head down to Utah, plan on stopping and visiting one of them.

Discovery is all about finding some cool new facts or stories about your deceased kindred family. It is not about ransacking Family Tree for "green temples". Take the time to find out more about your family, such as where they came from, their traditions, and so much more!

As a FAMILY, try exploring the various aspects of your ancestor's lives. The more information that we discover about our ancestors, the more we connect with them and develop a greater love for them. This connection gives us a sense of belonging to something powerful and great that spans generations.

Explore some of our "discovery" pages for fun family activities that you can use for Sundays and Family Home Evenings. These activities will help you DISCOVER your heritage.

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