"Discover, Gather, Connect"

A Fun New Approach to Understanding Family History Work

At RootsTech 2018, the church discussed a new way for families to focus on temple and family history work, called "Discover, Gather, Connect". The emphasis of temple and family history work has been pushed to the next higher level. There are so many different ways that we can engage in family history work. Please break out of the mindset of family history as being "genealogy", or "research". It has become so much more with this new program! Click on the different areas to get some ideas about how to have some fun activities with you family members.

Explore the evolution into this new approach below:


  1. Through "Discovery Experiences", we discover new facts, stories, photos, etc about our ancestors and collateral line cousins, both deceased and living.
  2. Discovery helps us to better understand the lives of our ancestors. We may begin to realize that their life challenges, their interests, occupations, etc are not all that different from our own lives.


There are 4 principal ways to gather

  1. PRESERVE OUR HERITAGE: We gather the stories of our ancestors by entering the facts, photos, stories, etc to the Family Tree so they may be preserved.
  2. FIND NEW FAMILY MEMBERS: We also add new family members to the family tree through research. This process has become so much easier with the help of FamilySearch Record Hints, and other partnership databases.
  3. MISSIONARY WORK: We contribute to the gathering of Israel by doing missionary work for our living brothers and sisters.
  4. INDEXING DIGITAL RECORDS: As we index records, we help others find (or discover) new family names so they can be added to family tree.


  1. As we discover and gather information, we begin to develop strong emotional ties or connections between us and our deceased and living kindred family.
  2. We connect with others as we share that information with them.
  3. There is a great blessing that comes to us from "connecting" to both our living and deceased brothers & sisters.
  4. The ultimate connection is ensuring that all of our Heavenly Father's children are safely gathered into the temple.