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Welcome to The Idaho Falls Idaho FamilySearch Library Website!

Location: 750 West Elva Street, Idaho Falls, ID 83402
(208) 524-5291
OPEN: Mon, Fri, Sat 9-5 / Tue, Wed, Thu 9-8

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    Family History is about spending the time learning more about our ancestors, not just birth & death dates. They were real people. They had their joys, successes, disappointments, tragedies, etc that defined their life. What were they like? Would you not really want to know more about them? To know them is to study their "story" through photos, histories, old movies, recorded interviews, etc.

    It is only through preserving and sharing those "memories" that we can pass on their heritage to ourselves and our posterity.

    As you engage in doing this wonderful work, you will develop a great love for your heritage, and those ancestors that sacrificed so much for their posterity. Their hearts are turned to us, and we WILL feel their influence in our lives as we stay close to the Spirit of the work. Our hearts turn to them as we learn more about their lives, challenges, successes and even failures. We thus fulfill Malachi's prophecy that the "hearts of the fathers will turn to the children, and the children to their fathers". (Malachi 4:5-6). Many of our leaders have also promised us that there is no greater blessing and protection from the world that can come to us as we engage in this work.

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      Preserve Your Heritage
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      Research Your Ancestors
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      Indexing Digital Records
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      Temple Work
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