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Location: 750 West Elva Street, Idaho Falls, ID 83402
(208) 524-5291
OPEN: Mon, Fri, Sat 9-5 / Tue, Wed, Thu 9-8

Every Wednesday night we have open support classes focusing on Indexing. Come and visit with us. The class is designed to get help both from from great instructors, but also your fellow students. Think of the class as a great support system for those questions that come up as you are indexing.

We appreciate ALL of our indexers that provide us with searchable records!

For more information about the Wednesday class times, click HERE for access to the Case Calendar

For more information about Indexing in general, click HERE

"Family History" is not your grandmother's family history. Family history is NOT the same thing as "Genealogy". So much has changed over the past few years! Come and discover all the FUN and different aspects of family history. Get to know your ancestors in a different way.

Explore the FOUR different areas below on how you can bring family history fun into your home and work on it as a family!

Another essential aspect of doing your family history is getting to know our ancestors, and what better way to do this, than to read about them, or see their photographs. These stories, documents, histories, audio recordings don't magically appear on FamilySearch. Others have taken time to digitize and then upload them to FamilySearch.

Most families will have at least a few photos of ancestors. Why not take some time to digitize them and share them on FamilySearch with others? Others will be grateful for your efforts and may see photos that they have never seen before.

Take some time to write a "Memory" about an ancestor (like a grandparent, or your parents). These memories are not more complex personal histories, but simple one or two paragraph memories that you have about that person. It takes just a few minutes to write a memory. Take the time to do it!

Go take a peek at your Gallery. Have you contributed to it? Click
HERE to explore your Gallery. Click HERE to see what other people have contributed to your ancestors. You will need to log into your FamilySearch account.

What would you like to do?

Learn about Census Records and Descendancy Research. With all the FamilySearch and Ancestry hints available, research work has become so much easier and you will find the stories and facts about your "cousins" much more quickly.
Old records are not easily searchable without the efforts of the many indexers. Do you only have a little bit of time during the week? Do you travel a lot? Think about indexing batches. All it takes is a browser! Your efforts will be greatly appreciated.

Watch a few animated movies about how important indexing is!
Temple AND Family History go together. They are BOTH HALVES of the blessing that we will receive. It is the way that we can learn to love our ancestors.

Many church members are relying on applications like
"Hope Chest", "Take a Name", etc to help them "find names to take to the temple". While somewhat helpful in finding those "green temple icons", using these types of programs are also fraught with problems. Realize that Family Tree is filled with duplications and other errors, resulting from decades of multiple and often conflictual data submissions. Just because the application tells you that people are ready to take to the temple, this is NOT so. Countless ordinances have been redone countless times on the many duplicated individuals in Family Tree. It is up to us as church members to validate the accuracy of the "Person" information, remove the duplicates, etc. Besides…would you not want to learn more about that ancestor ("name") that you are going to do temple work for? They are NOT a "name", but a person that actually lived, had their life challenges and successes.

There are much
better ways to research or find ancestral names for temple work. If you would like some help, please feel free to contact your ward consultant, or also visit us at the library for help.
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